Folk art figure, soft sculpture wearing a embroidered and beaded mask which can be removed by untying sari ribbon at the back, to show the hidden face underneath.

Made using hand dyed cotton and upcycled scraps, and free motion embroidery, inside is a pouch of dried plants and berries that are often used in folk magic for healing and for protection. 

Doll figures were often made for protection to ward off evil spirits which is why they often have fierce, angry or quizzical expressions, today we would most likely say they drive away or neutralise negative energy and were often placed near doors and windows or crossing places such as above the threshold of a room but they are not toys but spirit beings, made specifically for this purpose.

The scraps of fabric, some of which I have dyed by hand, are sewn flat to make a larger piece of fabric and then the body of the figure is cut from this, extra stitching and embellishment added and the figure is filled. 

Full of character, traditionally any type of spirit doll would have been made with natural materials, from whatever the maker had to hand, old cloth from worn out clothing, seeds and dried berries etc. 

All of these things would help to 'ensoul' the doll and add to its power and protective abilities and in keeping with that tradition I have also incorporated natural materials in the dolls construction.

With tall antler like protrusions, beaded and winged, there is also a hidden face under the mask and the mask can be removed to reveal the guardians hidden face to the owner of the doll, wearing a beaded necklace.

This soft sculpture, figure measures, 36cm tall and the body is 9cm wide the whole width including the wings is 18cm, quiet a tall doll and it she is free standing.

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