Acrylic 30x40 cm on Paper.


Charcoal and watercolour on paper

20x20 cm


Wind in my hair

Acrylic 30x30 cm on canvas.

Autumn Winds

Acrylic 20x20 cm on canvas.

House On The Hill

Acrylic 20x20 cm on canvas.

The Falls

Acrylic 20x20 cm on canvas.

Original acrylic painting on paper.

This is an imaginary female portrait in acrylic, with textural, expressive marks and subtle tones and shades of blue, paynes grey, yellow ochre, white.

This was an experiment in a restricted colour palette and resulted in some lovely tones and shades.

There is evidence of the underdrawings and mark making in all my works which shows the creative process and adds to the charm of each piece, representing the artist hand at work.

Varnished with a UV light protecting seal.

Measures 26x21cm

Unframed and is labelled and signed.